About Project Soterra

Project Sottera

Project Sottera is a collaborative effort between the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Island Girl Power, and various women’s clubs and organizations to make sure that all young women on Guam have access to menstrual products so that they can stay in school, participate in activities, or stay at work during their menstrual cycle. BWA conducted surveys with the Department of Education nurses and teachers and with DPHSS clients about the need for menstrual products in our public schools and in our community. The results show an overwhelming need. Check out the list of those who have donated to this very important need below. The BWA is also working with the Guam Legislature to craft legislation that will mandate that these products be available in public middle and high school nurses’ offices for girls who need them in order to stay in school.



Guam Women’s Clubs

BWA has given presentations to the various women’s clubs of Guam for donations of menstrual products to Guam’s public middle and high schools. These women have adopted schools and provide products to the schools once per semester, to ensure that all girls are able to attend school every day of the month. Si Yu’os Ma’ase to all of the organizations that have helped to make this project a success, and make a difference in the lives of girls and young women who really need these products: The Guam Women’s Club, Bank of Guam, NAWIC (Nat’l Association of Women in Construction), Chinese Ladies Association of Guam, Japan Club of Guam, Korean Ladies Association of Guam, Palau Women’s Association of Guam, Soroptimist International of Guam, Soroptimist International of the Marianas, Rigalu Foundation, GMHVA, UOG Chapter of the American Medical Student Association, International Women’s Club, Joyce Crisostomo / Cars Plus, Daughters of the American Revolution, Guam Chapter, American Association of University Women, and the Guam Legislature.



Company/Organization Donations

Period.org, through the efforts of Project Sottera volunteer Patty Krise, donated to Guam 600 Diva Cup menstrual cups (check out this video if you’ve never heard of a menstrual cup – it’s a safe and sustainable way to manage your period!). BWA has distributed these cups to Island Girl Power, the University of Guam Residence Halls, Alee Shelter, Guma’ Mami, Mayors’ Offices, the DPHSS Family Planning Clinic, and to the Christmas Drop in Micronesia. If you are a menstrual cup donation recipient, click here to take our survey on its use!

To donate to Project Sottera, please call 475-9162 or email jayne.flores@guam.gov.