USDOL Fostering Access, Rights, and Equity (FARE) Grant

US Department of Labor Fostering Access, Rights, and Equity (FARE) Grant


The Bureau of Women’s Affairs was awarded a U.S. Department of Labor Fostering Access, Rights, and Equity (FARE) Grant in the amount of $254,348 in October 2021, to fully fund a series of informational sessions and outreach about workplace harassment.

Women were more adversely affected by the pandemic due to the fact that industries in which a majority of females are employed, such as hospitality, retail, home health care, etc. USDOL found that many women who were experiencing various forms of workplace harassment were not complaining about it because they either did not realize the behavior they were experiencing was harassment, or they were afraid to report it for fear of retribution or of losing their job.

BWA presented a series of informational meetings around the island between August 2022 and September 2023, to inform women and other marginalized residents about workplace harassment: what it is; how to recognize it, and how you as an employee can stop on-the-job harassment.


Examples of Workplace Harassment:

When an employee or group of employees are being treated differently
  • because of their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • because of their race, or the color of their skin
  • because of where they were born
  • because of any type of disability
  • because of their religion or religious practices
  • because they are pregnant
  • because of their age (if they are 40 or older)
  • because they reported something or someone (retaliation)

​Preventative Actions:

  • Tell the harasser to STOP
  • Report it to your supervisor immediately
  • If your supervisor is the harasser, report it to his/her supervisor, or a supervisor you trust (formal or informal complaint)
  • If your supervisor or employer does nothing, report it to:
    • Guam Department of Labor - Fair Employment Practice Division
      • 414 West Soledad Ave., Suite 401 (4th Floor), GCIC Building, Hagatna
      • (671) 475-7044/36