Since 2019, the BWA has worked with senators of the 36th Guam Legislature to enact several laws:

Public Law 36-26, also known as the “Women in Business Act of 2021,” which mandates that a local women-owned small business that has earned a U.S. Small Business Administration designation as a women-owned small business (WOSB), shall receive a 5% bid price advantage over the price of the lowest non-WOSB designated price submission with regard to local government contracts. (Translated: If the lowest non-WOSB price bid for a local government contract is $10,000, and a local WOSB-designated company bids $10,500, that WOSB company will win the bid.)


Public Law 36-66, also known as the “Period Poverty Act of 2021” which mandates that all Guam public schools and publicly funded charter schools must provide specific funding for menstrual products for students’ use during the school day.


Public Law 111-36, which mandates that a victim of sexual assault can petition the court to order an alleged perpetrator who has been charged with the crime to undergo HIV testing, the results of which will then be made available to the victim through the court.


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