Any female Guam resident 18 years of age or older who did not graduate from high school and who wants/needs to earn her adult high school diploma or earn her GED high school equivalency is eligible to apply.

Qualifications and Basis of Selection

A. Required

1. Applicants must submit a completed application, along with a copy of a valid ID.

Note: Upon selection for the scholarship, and if not already enrolled in the GCC Adult High School Diploma program, the applicant will then go to GCC to take the CASAS assessment. If the applicant scores 236 or above on the CASAS assessment, they can register for and take the GED test. (GCC offers a FREE GED preparation course that the applicant can take before they take the GED). A score of less than 236 means the applicant will need to enroll in GCC's Adult High School Diploma program and take the required classes, which GCC will help the applicant to determine, based on previous high school history.

a. Adult High School program students must actively attend and complete all Adult High School classes at GCC, and earn a high school diploma by May 9, 2024, or
b. GED registrants must take all required subjects of the General Education Development test (GED) at GCC and pass by May 11, 2023. (Prep courses are available at no cost through GCC.)

B. Recommended

Applicants should show a true desire to complete the GCC Adult High School Program or take and pass the General Education Development Test (GED), in order to either secure gainful employment or continue with postsecondary education to earn an associate degree or bachelor's degree. Postsecondary education options can be fully funded through federal financial aid programs available at both GCC and the University of Guam.